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Xbox / PS3

Welcome to MW3prestigeHack.com. We are able to access all prestiges up to 20th. We offer services for both the Xbox and PS3. We are currently all caught up with our requests. Over the past year we have had many requests, if we missed you please register again by using the link below. Thank you.

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How to register

EDIT: Now that we are caught up with requests, registration forms are now public. See link below

All users wishing to have their stats modified in any way must submit a registration form. The form includes all information needed and allows us to keep everything organized. Each form is generated for a specific user. Please email us to receive your registration form. any questions you may have can also be submitted during your request to register. Please only send one email while awaiting your reply. Thank you.


Download Registration Form


We have been keeping very busy since the launch of Modern Warfare 3. At this time we are doing about 20 accounts per day. This will increase shortly. The general procedure is to level the account to 20th prestige, then change the stats to reflect that of a normal 20th prestige player. This leaves you with a fresh 20th prestige account, a KD ratio of your choosing, Win ratio, etc. Keeping your account off the top of the leader boards with hacked stats is what prevents our service from having any accounts banned. Any stats requests that will be a red flag will be denied. We are still taking on new accounts via Live Chat, however a direct email at this time is the best way to contact us. Our team is working to take care of you as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience while we catch up to the high volume of requests.

You generally won't want your stats to look like the following image due to the attention it would draw, we are only providing this screen shot to show that anything can be modified.

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